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Every Can Counts is created to encourage the recycling of beverage cans, especially when “out of home” – for example, at work, during shopping, travel or holidays. The initiative was launched in the UK with the support of companies from aluminium industry. Huge success of this action has led to fast expantion to other countries: France, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Montenegro, Greece, Spain, Ireland, and from 2017 also Belgium and Poland. Being open to new cultures has resulted in the creation of an excellent database of experiences, information and materials, as well as the ability to create positive messages on a much wider scale.


Every Can Counts in Poland is implemented by the Recal Foundation, which has been carrying out the promotion of aluminum packaging recycling since 1995. Thanks to ECC’s support, the current activities of Recal have been enriched with a new, creative form of popularizing the knowledge about benefits of proper handling of used packaging. The program is a part of the sustainability strategy of the largest aluminum packaging organizations: European Aluminum, Ardagh Group and Can Pack Goup.

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participated and reached out to 13 milion people
ammount of people we reached out
to during the Le Mans race since 2010
runners and spectators educated
during the Wings For Live World Run
viewers of Notting Hill Carnivale
collected cans with us

We are all over the Europe!

RECAL Foundation team

Jacek Wodzisławski, President of the board
Responsible for coordination of activities

Bartłomiej Wojdyło, Board Member
Responsible for Every Can Countss

Artur Łobocki, Board Member
Responsible for finances

Paweł Wiśnioch
Responsible for administration

Anita Brzeska
Coordinator of the Every Can Counts project

What we do?

Collection in the workplace

Every Can Counts aims to make it easier to recycle drink cans at your organisation and make a real difference.

Sports and cultural events

Are you organizing an event and want to provide participants with additional attractions associated with the collection of aluminum packaging? Check now how can we help you!

Cans for Balls

We have combined two aspects of a sustainable society: sports and limited use of natural resources. Each 15 kg of cans is 1 ball for the project participant!


Recycling workshops, “battle for cans”, joint activities at festivals, or competitions with attractive prizes are just some of our proposals addressed to students!

Our partners